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The all new Versatility 4 features the most incredibly versatile Joomla! template design ever conceived. This is not a boast, it’s fact! With 45 module positions, a plethora of preset configuration options, up to 7 layout columns, a wide array of banner and block advertising locations, 10 module variations, and 4 unique menu styles for each of the 10 preset color styles; Versatility 4 has more than enough power and flexibility for any professional site.

Along with the wide array of layout and flexibility options, Versatility 4 also features powerful dynamic functionality including RokNewsRotator article slideshows, multi-position Rokslide tabbed modules, RokMooMenu animated menu system, 3 tier SplitMenu system, a large assortment of typography options, and so much more.

An overview of the key features of this template are as follows:

  • Joomla 1.5+ version
  • Joomla 1.0+ version
  • Incredible 45 module positions allowing for the most adaptable and configurable template we’ve ever created
  • 4 Unique preset Menu styles for each color style
  • 10 Preset Color styles
  • CSS Based Tableless Design
  • Independently configurable header/footer sizing
  • RokNewsRotator featured article slideshow system
  • Integrated multi-position Tabbed Module system
  • Sleek and colorful Three Tier Splitmenu system and styling
  • 3 Module hilite icon styles
  • 10 Module variations
  • RokBox plugin support
  • 1.0 & 1.5 Native RocketLauncher now available! - Deploy a replica of the Versatility 4 demo sites.
  • Optional IE6 Warning / Upgrade Notification
  • Incredibly wide range of versatile typography style options
  • Ability to utilize up to 7 layout columns for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Extensive set of banner ad and block locations for your advertising needs
  • 3 built-in menu options - The exclusive RokMooMenu 2.0 menu system with animations, Suckerfish, updated Three Tier SplitMenu, as well as a module position to use your own custom menu module (Module)
  • Built-in IE6 PNG fix
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid
  • Fully compatible IE7, IE6, Safari 2+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+
  • Source Adobe Fireworks PNGs included

Versatility 4 offers the most module positions and layout configurations of any template we’ve ever created. 45 module positions, a plethora of banner and block advertising locations, as well as up to 7 columns allow Versatility 4 to adapt to nearly any configuration you could want. Mixing and matching module positions, module hilite variations, and configuration options allow you to create hundreds of different looks and layouts with a single template.
The RokNewsRotator Module

Using the powers of mootools, you can seamlessly showcase your articles in a dynamic slideshow with navigation controls and multiple configuration options. Give your featured articles a great presentation with RokNewsRotator
The Exclusive RokMooMenu 2.0

Its highly popular exclusive menu is called RokMooMenu. This menu has been developed from scratch using the latest and greatest MooTools JavaScript framework. The RokMooMenu is a highly advanced and fully customizable menu system is accessible and degrades to a standard SuckerFish menu if JavaScript is not enabled or supported.

Some of the great features include:
  • Hover support for IE6 using the sfHover javascript class just like in Suckerfish.
  • Fully degradable to standard SuckerFish menu if javascript is not supported.
  • Configurable mouse-out delay to allow for accidental mousing out of the menu.
  • Completely customizable animation effects using MooTools transitions. Can be configured in X and/or Y directions.
  • Support for fade-in transparency
  • Experimental support for IE6 z-index bug using the iFrame hack.
  • NEW! Supports background animations for onMouseOver and onMouseOut

Menu Information
The exclusive RocketTheme menu systems in this template use the mainmenu by default and this menu is configured in the admin administator. For these to function correctly, understand that the ‘top level’ menu items will show up as the horizontal buttons across the top of the template. For sub menu items, assign Parent Item to these top menus to the top-level item. These will then show up below in a sub-horizontal menu when you click on a top-level item.

You can view the live demo of this theme at here and download it at here.

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