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If you are a blogger, you might agree that Digg is a good source of traffic for your blog. Digg is a community-based popularity website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication as the main attractions.

Like posting blogs post to other social bookmarking site such as Furl, posting your blog contents to Digg is a must if you want to get your blog well-known. That will make your blog visibility in the blogospehere better in addition of raising the chance of gathering back links from other blogs. It might as well bring more subscribers to your blog if you're concern about it. Do you know that many high traffic sites get their main traffic from social bookmarking websites?

Strategy of Digg-Traffic :

  • Post only latest content that have never appeared in Digg before. Ask your friend to digg the news and leave the comment. A good strategy is to subscribe to news feed of some tech-related industry websites and get the latest info faster than your competitors. Write it as blog entry and post the url to Digg. (Don't forget to include the source where you got the news from). Story that is old oftenly did well as the fresh one.
  • If you're creative, write something that is unique or offer some services from your site as a part of traffic luring strategy. People usually do not want to read what they have known. From my experience, I can conclude that if you write a good post people will naturally spread them to those social-bookmarking sites by themselves. Place the Digg-submitting button (html codes) in each of your blog post. People also like to read list (like what I've been doing with this article) so make a list for a tutorial post.
  • Now, this is the basic trick we should master. Use a catchy title like we always seen in a computer or gossip magazine but make sure that you don't overdo it. Otherwise, Digg folks will consider you're spamming the Digg site. Since Digg users are tech enthusiast that eager to read new articles in their free time, if you can write something that can benefit them such as a personal development article. If you don't have valuable information, don't post your link. It's like a taboo for the community.
  • Make sure that your web hosting is Digg-proof. Traffic from can last for few days and that may make your site's bandwidth boosts from little to hundred thousands of megabyte per day! A good webhostings that are believed to withstand heavy traffic from are Dreamhost and HostGator. If you are using dedicated server it would be find. If you are using free webhosting instead, your site might as well disabled by the provider (my firend's case). So bought at least a shared server for your blog in preparing for the high traffic effect.
  • Be patient as sometimes a story will take several months to go to the front page. Have many friends at the Digg community so that they can help to your post. Spike the vote liked community is a no-no. This may get you banned from Digg as that is considered cheating. Just be consistent. If you have wrote a good article why not post the story to Digg each time you got something new to be shared. Don't put payperclick ads in your blog before the story came to the front page since Digg folks did not like to vote for website that has ads within it. Got the trick?
Be passion in everything that you do as I was passion in writing this article. Getting post come to the front page of Digg is not impossible as long as you keep trying using the right path. Build a unique personality as a blogger as other attraction. A good news for us is, Digg is not the only good source for traffic as there are lots of other social-bookmarking sites exist out there. Apply those tricks above to those sites and now you can expect a good result from them..(since possibility has been increased tremendously).

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