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Google’s Adsense is making a huge impact for website owners both large and small. To put it simply, if you own a website, and are accepted by Google, then you can make money with Google Adsense straight away. Most website owners earn enough revenue to not only cover their hosting costs, but to make a nice additional income as well.

So what is Adsense? Basically, when you have signed up for their program, Google will provide relevant ads that are closely chosen to match the content on your pages. There are a wide range of banner and button sizes to choose from, as well as choosing colours and backgrounds to blend into your site.

By pasting the code into your templates and pages, you can concentrate on providing quality content for your website, whilst Google does the hard work of finding the best ads to use in your pages, and you can make money.

You are still permitted to use Google Adsense ads on your site, even if you already have affiliate links. It is not allowed to imitate the look and feel of the Google ads for your affiliate links, however. One of the things you can do though, is to use Google’s palette facility to customize your Google ads and make them appear as part of the web page itself. The idea behind this, is to match the background and links of the ads to the theme of your site. Most people surfing quickly click on a link that is blue, and if the Google ads have the same theme, it makes them seem to be a portion of your “content.”

Even if you run many sites, you need only apply once to the Google Adsense program. Once accepted, you are given a unique “publisher ID”, which you can use on any site you own. By cutting and pasting a small Javascript code into your site in the location you wish the ads to appear in, your job is over, and Google’s begins!.

Google ads are very easy to customize, and as you can place them anywhere on your site, you can experiment with their position, colour, and theme. It really pays (literally!!) to experiment with their placement and design so as to optimize the amount of revenue that you can generate from each page..

And now the good bit - Payment! The payment rates can vary enormously. The payment you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are willing to pay per click to advertise with the use of the AdWords.

Advertisers can pay as little as 4 pence and as much as10-12 pounds, and occasionally, sometimes even more. You, as the ad publisher, earn a share of the money generated.

Assuming that your website has great content, and many visitors, experimentation with the placement of google ads is the key to your success. If your results are stagnant, it can help if you try and simplify your pages so that the ads can catch the visitor’s eye. Also, it can sometimes pay to differ from the methods that other people are using. Google has many tutorials on their Adsense site, including a “heat chart” which shows you where the best placement for ads are. You will need an account to access these tutorials. Sign up for an Adsense account by clicking the button below.

For the beginner, It is wiser to look at other people’s websites and format your Adsense in a like manner. An old business saying is to “find a good business model, and then copy it.” Initially, let others do the hard work for you, and learn from a successful site. Look at sites which have a high page rank, and observe the layouts, content, and placement of their ads. A little time spent doing research can put pounds in your pocket later.

Publishers have the option of choosing to have their ads displayed on only certain sites if they wish. You can also have them displayed on a large network of sites if you so desire. Google now has the option to allow other people to advertise on your site. This only makes good sense. If you are marketing to a tightly defined niche, you can place your own ads, written by you, on site that allow this option. The choice is yours, depending on what you think will work best to your advantage.

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