Free Wordpress Theme: Evolution  

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Free Wordpress Theme: Evolution

The Evolution Wordpress Theme is a clean, dynamic theme which BloggingTips, the author, have released under the Creative Commons License.

The theme is available in blue, red and green and the blogger has the option of changing the color scheme by simply changing the stylesheet which it uses. The theme is widget ready and has been designed for use with Wordpress 2.5+.

You can get this theme for free by downloading (only 241 Kb) at Here or Here, and if you want to see the real demo of this theme, you can visit here for blue, red and green.

You'll find two folder on the zip file above after extracting it. The ‘evolution’ folder contains all of the theme files and should be uploaded to your ‘wp-content/themes’ folder. The second folder is called ‘evolution-plugins’. This contains all of the plugins the theme uses and should be uploaded to the ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.

The plugins which are used in this theme are :

Although not essential, we believe these plugins improve the usability of this theme:

The evolution theme is widget ready. The blogger can change the contents of the sidebar and the footer via the widget panel in the admin area of your wordpress blog. This gives you, the blogger, complete control over what is displayed on your blog.
  • Sidebar Widget Area : This sidebar widget area is directly underneath the multi tabbed information box which has the recent posts, categories and archives.
  • Footer - Left : The left box in the footer area.
  • Footer - Center : The box in middle of the footer area.
  • Footer - Right : The right box in the footer area.

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