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There are two options to make a website if you are not a web designer :

Hiring someone (web designer) to build a website for you,
which is of course will cost expensive, if the price is cheaper it may be at less quality or inexperienced web designers. Or you may also…

Building it by your self.
There are two option to build a website by your self. The first option is :

Learn to build “brick-by-brick from zero, which means, it will surely take the long consuming way. It involves a lot of time – the time required to acquire the skills and time required for construction. This is the time that you do not have or, in other words, the time that would be better spent elsewhere.

For me personally, I will choose option number two :
Take shortcuts, using all available blocks and learn how to put them together, use a website builder. By doing so, you will get advantages :
Takes a fraction of the time and is less demanding for people without technical skills.
Ideal for situations where the site is a means to an end. You spend more time to use the site and make it work rather than to build.
Offer the best balance between time and money.

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